Why The Winter Is A Great Time To Enjoy The Beach

Simply because the days get colder and shorter, doesn’t mean that the beach suddenly becomes off-limits. In fact, there are some individuals and groups who revel in the seasonal shift, waiting for the waters to cool and the crowds to disperse so that they can enjoy the shorefront landscapes more fully.

Primarily, it is important to recognise that connecting with nature and immersing ourselves in wild landscapes is a benefit to both our physical and mental health. Evidence demonstrates that those who spend time outdoors are generally happier and experience less stress, which is why it is important to continue this relationship with nature during winter, even if the weather makes time outdoors more difficult to stomach.

A trip to the beach during the colder, darker months can be just what one needs to disrupt a stagnant hibernation and reconnect with the outdoors. What’s more, it can also introduce individuals to a new activity or watersport, one that keeps them eager to step outside, even when the weather leaves much to be desired.


The waves and breaks don’t change during winter, meaning that surfing doesn’t have to stop. In fact, being free from the summer congestion, many beaches are preferable to surfers during the winter months. What must be overcome, however, is the temperature of the water.

Equipped with a wetsuit and an insulated flask, a winter surfing trip can be just as enjoyable as a summer excursion, especially when you have great waves all to yourself. Plus, with winter storms tending to kick up larger waves, some surfers know the secret that harsh weather can lead to better surfers.


Actively jumping into cold water is, believe it or not, great for your body. Those who venture to the beach during the colder season are likely to witness groups dipping into the water for what is known as a cold water swim. This activity, celebrated by a great number across the world, has a positive impact on the body and mind, improving skin conditions, reducing stress, and improving energy.

Be sure to bring along appropriate accessories, however, especially if you are venturing into the water with your children. Warming up and drying off once out of the water is very important, so be sure your family has everything from their favourite changing robes to hot drinks waiting for you.

Metal Detecting

Combing beaches for lost treasures has grown substantially in popularity over recent years. While you might spot the odd metal detector in a crowded summer beach, it is during the winter that you’re most likely to find them, as well as the treasure they’re hunting for.

With an emptier landscape, metal detecting can be a fun and meditative endeavour for individuals and families alike. Children, just like adults, will revel in finding even small items, and there’s even the chance of finding something extra special or returning a sentimental item to its owner. As equipment becomes more effective and affordable simultaneously, it’s easier than ever to begin this hobby too.