5 Ways to Get Cheap Flight Tickets for Your Travel Plans in 2021

Just as much a rewarding experience it is to go on a holiday, expensive air tickets can be equally disappointing and put off your travel plans. But, there are few ways to get cheap flight bookings. Read on to know more.

If you are planning a vacation with your family to your favourite overseas destination, you would know that air tickets would be one of the most significant expenses. A costly flight ticket means you may need to choose an affordable accommodation or spend less on other activities. In short, you may have to compromise on your travel budget.

But, what if you get cheap flight tickets? Wouldn’t that be amazing and add more cheer to your holiday spirits? Here are a few definitive tips to book flight tickets for cheap for all your travel plans in 2021.

  • Book early

One of the most definitive and easiest ways to get cheap flight tickets is to book in advance. It is better to make the booking as soon as you decide the departure date; you can get flight tickets at the lowest rate if you book at least 45-60 days in advance.

Also, if you are booking online and use travel booking portals, you can see the prices for different dates. Some portals also have a price predictor, which is usually 100% accurate. This will give you a fair idea about the ticket price on specific dates in the future.

Another reason why you must book early is that you can get the seats you want, get the exact flight as per your travel itinerary, etc.

  • Set price alerts

Once you have locked the travel dates, it is advisable to set a price alert for flight tickets. This will help you get notifications when the ticket price increases or decreases. The flight fares can be volatile, and they tend to fluctuate every day. Based on the alerts, you can make the bookings when the fares are the lowest. Even a small drop in the price can result in big savings when you book flight tickets for all your family members.

  • Be Flexible

Another simple and effective way to save money on flight ticket bookings is to have a flexible travel plan. Typically, the flight tickets are the cheapest during mid-week or during holidays like Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day since fewer people travel on these days.

You may also consider taking a flight from a different city to your ultimate holiday destination. For example, if you are going to Sri Lanka, taking a flight from Chennai would be much cheaper than from Mumbai or Delhi. So, being flexible can help you get air tickets at a lower cost.

  • Take a connecting flight

If you are in no rush to reach your holiday destination, then booking a connecting flight can be a much cheaper option than taking a direct flight. Typically, the booking sites allow you to set filters to choose a flight with 1stop or 2+stops. Even flying with mixed carried can help you get valuable savings.

  • Use credit card travel credits

If you have any accumulated bonus points on your travel credit card from your earlier bookings, you can use the same for your current bookings. This can help you save a significant amount on your overall ticket cost. Besides, some travel cards provide additional benefits like no fees on excess baggage, free lounge usage, etc.

Final Word

So, in a nutshell, being flexible, comparing the plans, and booking early can help you book cheaper flight tickets. While you can also find amazing last-minute deals, it does not guarantee savings.