Four Impeccable Tips For A Better And Safer Snorkeling Experience

Although scuba diving is fun and addictive, snorkeling grants everyone a glimpse of the wonders beneath the sea with much less effort and cost. Despite the simplicity, many beginners are nervous about snorkel tours maui as they find it difficult to breathe through a tube while face down in the water. However, with little practice and confidence, one can quickly learn to trust the gear and pay attention to the best parts of snorkeling. This article enlists some impeccable tips so that you can safely enjoy colorful, mysterious, and exciting life beneath the surface.

  • Select the high-quality snorkeling gear

A leaky mask or snorkel (the tube) can ruin an excellent day of snorkel tours maui. Unfortunately, the gears quickly handled on the boats by tour operators are frequently worn out or of low quality. Therefore, renting high-quality gear from a local dive shop is always advisable to enjoy a better snorkeling trip. These dive shops usually have qualitative equipment, and experts can help adequately fit the mask. Make sure to seal the mask but don’t set the band too tight.

  • Get the rental fins

Thinking they can just float languidly or swim normally, many first-time snorkelers might be tempted to leave their fins behind. However, little do they know that using fins can help them save their energy while snorkeling and also could make a massive difference if they need to swim against a strong current. Always remember that the fins should be snug but not too tight. Also, when wearing finds, always walk backward when entering and exiting the water from the beach.

  • Know how to clear the mask

A fogged-up mask is one of the most common issues that snorkelers deal with while snorkeling. One can get anti-fog mask sprays and baby shampoos to clear the mask. however, many divers opt for a decidedly low-tech approach for clearing the mask. Before jumping in the water, make sure to spit on the lens in the mask, wipe the saliva around, and then give the mask a quick dip for a light rinse.

  • Know how to use the snorkel properly

Small leaks, splashes on the surface, and diving down can cause some water to accumulate in the snorkel. If this idea makes one uneasy, they can position their tongue to where they’ll feel any water trying to enter their mouthpiece. Also, when snorkelers hear moisture rattling in the tube, they should turn their head slightly and produce a quick, sharp blast of air through their mouth. Doing this once or twice can clear their snorkels.


For obvious reasons, many people don’t like the idea of breathing when face down in the water. Feeling a little panicked when on snorkel tours maui is perfectly natural. However, following these tips and with little practice, travelers can significantly enjoy their snorkeling experience. Snorkelers should try to find a rhythm for their breathing and move slowly and calmly in the water as if they belong in that world.