Six Things All Nature-Lovers Need For A Winter Spent Outdoors

During the summer, our favourite outdoor activities are effortless experiences, those that see us soak up the sunshine and revel in the heat. However, when it comes to winter, enjoyment can be a little harder to come by. Aside from the weather being less accommodating to those who want to be outside, activities can even become riskier, being fraught with potential dangers.

With the right gear, however, nature-lovers can still spend time outdoors during the harsher months, even when the ground is icy and the air cold. The water might not be as welcoming to surfers and swimmers either, but promising they arrive at the shore prepared, there’s no reason the winter season can’t be as invigorating as the summer.

To show you how, we’re sharing the six things that can make a difference when spending a winter outdoors.

Changing Robe

It is fundamental that, if you are to be embracing chilly waters during winter, you appropriately dress for the weather. This means having an insulated, high quality changing robe within which to dry, change, and warm your body when leaving the water. Many modern robes are designed so well that you may find they even encourage you to take a dip through the cold months too!


Many activities require grip and dexterity of some form. If our hands are compromised during the winter chill, we can put ourselves in danger, whether that’s to catch a fall or stay upon our board. As such, a great pair of gloves, those suited to our chosen endeavour, are essential.

Waterproof Backpack

Aside from the cold, increased rainfall also becomes a problem during winter. Spending time outdoors can quickly be made unpleasant if our belongings are compromised with moisture. Equip yourself with a waterproof backpack or with a high-quality cover to ensure your gear remains dry, even in harsh weather.

Winter Footwear

Cold, wet feet are not only distinctly unpleasant but they can also lead to risk of falling too. There are a number of designs that can prevent this in footwear, from waterproofing to thick insulation, both of which will help you to more safely traverse various winter landscapes without discomfort. Depending on your chosen environment, you may even require snow boots.

Insulated Bottle

One of the best defences we have against a winter chill, whether on land or in the water, is to have a hot drink at the ready. Bringing with you an insulated bottle, one that will ensure you have access to a consistently warm beverage, can dramatically improve your body’s temperature and help you to keep going outdoors for longer.


One of the least expected accessories is one of the most important. This is because sunglasses are just as essential during winter as in summer. Snow, for example, can be blinding when caught at the right angle to the sun, making skiing and other snowsports dangerous, and even walking through uneven ground on a bright day can be a potentially problematic ordeal.