Three Amazing Benefits of BVI Catamaran Charters

These days, a lot of holidaymakers are looking forward to chartering catamarans for a comfortable cruise with their friends and families. A catamaran charter is the best way to sail in ultimate comfort, ample free space, and luxury accommodation.  With big saloon areas, huge outside dining, and relaxing areas, as well as up to four cabins in the hulls, there is enough space for whatever your group wants to do. There are a lot of catamaran charters available across the globe from Croatia to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). If you are planning a bvi catamaran charter, below are the benefits you can expect from the sail:

It Lets you Sail in Comfort

Catamarans are designed with two hulls connected to offer ample space. This helps create stability and guarantees a calm sailing experience despite huge waves and strong winds. The two hulls prevent the boat from heeling like a monohull and keep it level. The room between the hulls offer more space above and below the decks.

Every catamaran has a trampoline. You can enjoy sunbathing, chat with friends, or enjoy the sunset at the ample foredeck net.

It Ensures Safe Sailing

For a lot of people, catamarans are the safest options for yacht charters bvi. They are made using special materials that let them stay afloat even if both hulls have leaks. And because catamaran charters have two engines, there is a spare engine when the other one fails.

It is Ideal for Island Explorations

With a catamaran charter, you can sail in any water depth. The catamaran’s underwater area is much smaller than that of the monohull yacht. Thus, the catamaran can be moored in places with shallow depth. Also, the catamaran charter offers comfortable and secluded mooring away from other boats in low-tide areas. This means you can easily get into hard-to-reach places like coastal cliffs. And because you can stop sailing the boat close to the shore, you can conveniently swim at any beach.

On a British Virgin Islands catamaran charter, you and your group can explore more than 60 unspoiled islands, relax on white sandy beaches, or swim in turquoise shallow waters. BVI has an average temperature of between 23 degrees C and 30 degrees C. BVI catamaran charters are perfect for groups of friends and families. Some boats can accommodate up to 8 guests.  They are the best way to experience the BVI in luxury.


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