Find Your Ideal Adventure Holiday

What constitutes an adventure holiday? In a way that’s one of those, “How long is a piece of string?” questions because what might be a real adventure to one person might seem very tame to another. So really it depends on you. Fortunately there’s an adventure holiday out there for just about everyone, from the mildly active to the insanely strenuous with adrenaline release levels to match.

Take walking holidays for instance. You might feel that hiking in the Cotswolds is quite sufficient adventure for you, thank you very much! On the other hand you might feel the need to stretch yourself far more than that before you’ll be satisfied. That’s okay, there are adventure holidays available to cater for all tastes.

Trekking in the Himalayas may be more up your street, venturing into the deep forests and out onto the high alpine pasture lands and on to Annapurna. Or maybe fly to turkey and go looking for remains of Noah’s Ark on the slopes of Mount Ararat. Chances are you won’t find any but what does that matter, you’ll have a great adventure just getting up there.

Of course adventure holidays include all sorts of activities as well as walking. If you enjoy cycling in any of its various forms you’ll find cycling holidays in all manner of locations around the world.

You might like to cycle around the wine growing region of Tuscany visiting Chianti and many other places whose names you recognise from wine bottles. It would seem rude not to sample the produce as you go so if you enjoy wine as well as cycling you can satisfy two interests at the same time.

If that’s not adventurous for you then why not Turkey again. The region of Lycia will provide a bike ride full of interest and you can get off the beaten track and see things you wouldn’t any other way.

Cycling holidays are available in most parts of the world. Does the idea of cycling along the Great Wall of China sound appealing. If it does that’s pretty adventurous by most people’s standards. There are plenty of bicycles available in China and they’re not all in Beijing.

Northern India’s a great place for cycling holidays too. A bike is the best possible way of getting around the villages and appreciating life in rural India. You can combine that with visiting the famous palaces and forts of the region for a holiday with lots of contrasts.

Diving’s a pretty adventurous sport and diving holidays are a great introduction to it if you’re a beginner. Courses are available in centres around the world. Where better to learn than in the warm waters of the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh? There are plenty of diving holidays aimed at the experienced qualified diving enthusiast there or in the Caribbean among other places. If you are new to the sport you’ll find your way into a whole new world under the sea. That’s a holiday that will change your life!

Do you like horses? More to the point, do you enjoy riding and have some equestrian experience? If so, horse riding holidays may be just the ticket for you. There’s nowhere on Earth where horses are not ridden so the world really is your oyster.

As with cycling, you might fancy the wine regions of Tuscany and let your horse follow the route when you’ve been tasting the vintage. Perhaps you’d rather go further afield, say to Africa. Horse riding holidays in Gambia are a wonderful way of seeing the real Africa. For somewhere quite different have you thought of the Azores? See the islands from the grandstand of your saddle.

Back in Africa again, South Africa has just about everything including horse riding holidays. The Dinka Horse Riding Safari promises a ride you’ll never forget. You’ll want to go back time and again and each time you’ll find new experiences.

Safaris don’t have to be on horseback or on foot. Nowadays safari holidays involve travelling through the bush in specially designed safari trucks. That way you cover more ground in the time available and like the horse rider you’re sitting fairly high off the ground so you get a grandstand view of the big game and other animals.

With so many different adventure holidays to choose from, your greatest problem in finding your perfect adventure holiday is that you’re spoilt for choice as they say! Your own particular interests should be a help here of course.