Why Do Most Golfers Hit The Ball Better On A Range Than On A Golf Course?

Almost every golf player admits that it is much easier to hit balls on a range than on a golf course. A driving range is an outdoor recreational area or facility which is designed for practicing golf. A range is used by both amateurs and pro players to practice golf. Most ranges in the US are run by universities or businesses. A range can have both natural grass and synthetic mats same as a regular golf course. By just paying a small fee golfers can efficiently practice their swings in a range.

Why is it easier to hit a ball on the range than on a golf course?

Here are some reasons behind it:

  • One has a more relaxed mindset on the range

One gets to perform free swing on the driving range. So even if one misses a shot it won’t become stressful as the player will get more chances to hit. When one is more relaxed, automatically the hand, arms and the entire body will be steady enabling better contact and distance.

The consequences of missed shots are more possible on the golf course. Once the ball is missed, it flies off to the rough. The key to success on a golf course is by being super aware of breathing. The player needs to slow down his movements and breathe slowly when tensed. This way he will be able to stay relaxed even while playing on the golf course.

  • There is no particular target in the range

While playing on the range, many golfers only swing without having any proper aim just by simply working on solid contact. This does not imply while playing on the course. So while playing on the range one needs to take an extra moment to add an alignment stick on the outside of the ball to avoid interference with the proper swing path. This in turn will help one to become a better player on the golf course as well. This habit while playing on a range will also train the eye to aim better on the golf course.

  • Swing flaws get exposed under pressure on a golf course

While playing in a range, a player can hit balls one after the other. By hitting repeatedly, one will most likely develop compensation errors which in turn might help to produce some great shots. For instance, if one has a wrong body alignment and posture, repeated practice will help him to find out the error and he will slow down his swing to make a contact. This is why one requires a professional instructor who can point out the basic errors and make the right changes accordingly to help one get consistent contact even while playing on the golf course.


Just because one is capable of giving great shots in the driving range does not mean he is a great player. To master the game and gain confidence, the player needs to know the fundamentals of the game and practice on the golf course.